Memorial Day Sales I Just Had to Shop *Newsletter*

👋 Happy Memorial Day to those of you in the US!
(Especially if you survived last night's tornado outbreak!)

Today means a lot of things to a lot of people, but judging by ads and emails alone, it's mostly about companies selling us stuff.

And, well... it worked. Last night I checked my email and found some deals that would like literally cost me money not to shop!

So without further ado,

Here are the sales that I succumbed to:

  1. MAC - I mean c’mon, 25% off site-wide!
    Shop Mac

  2. SEPHORA - 50% off select items!
    Shop Sephora

  3. COCO & EVE - My fav self-tanner of the season!
    Shop CoCo & Eve

  4. MANICURIST - If you want it done right, do it yourself!
    Shop Manicurist

  5. T3 - Some of my fav tools! 25% off sitewide!
    Shop T3

  6. OLAPLEX - Various good deals going now!
    Shop Olaplex

  7. MADEWELL - I just HAD to pick up some denim pieces!
    Shop Madewell

  8. ABERCROMBIE - Lots of great basics and staples at 20% off!
    Shop Abercrombie

  9. FRANKIES BIKINIS - My fav swimsuits at up to 40% off now!
    Shop Frankies

  10. SKIMS - Lots of discounts on my fav bras, robes, and lounge!
    Shop Skims

  11. CASETIFY - My go-to for computer cases! Code: Mallory
    Shop Casetify


Whether you're *saving money* or *saving your money* today,
I hope you have a beautiful day!

XOXO - Mallory Brooke ❤️

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