*vlog* KILLER FULL BODY HOME WORKOUT *shopping VIB, skincare, nails, cooking* // @ImMalloryBrooke

Get ready for a killer #FullBody #HomeWorkout and a little home cooking! This #FitnessVlog was sponsored by a brand you've heard me gush about for ever, Jade Leaf Matcha! Get 20% OFF your 1st order w code "MALLORY20" at http://bit.ly/MalloryJLM

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🏋️‍♂️WOD PLAN🏋️‍♂️


Activating the muscle groups we are working today. All you need is a place to workout, a mat, a booty band, and a stool or chair! Try to complete the warmup without rest- it's important to get your heart rate up!


Five exercises divided by 2 minute rests! Each exercise will be performed in 4 sets of reps divided by 30 second rests. All you need are some weights- dumbbells, kettlebells, or plate weights will all work great! Feel free to use more or less weight, sub the weight for resistance, or to not use weights at all! WHATEVER your fitness level, if you focus on the quality of your movements and on ENGAGING your WHOLE BODY (fingers TO toes) throughout each motion, and you WILL IMPROVE!


Follow along easily by using the chapters provided!



00:00 Sephora VIB Haul Look

00:38 Matcha/Coffee as PREWORKOUTS?!

02:00 WARM UP

02:17 #BandedSquats x20

02:27 #PushUps on toes or knees x10-12

02:35 #ReverseLunge w #HighKnee x20/side

02:48 #TricepDips x20

02:55 WORKOUT: #Squat to #BicepCurl 4 x 12

03:18 #StaticLunge to #TricepExtension 4 x 10/side

03:27 #ChestPress to #LegLift 4 x 15

03:47 #PlankHoldRows 4 x 10/side

04:03 #SideLunge to #ShoulderPress 4 x 10/side

04:17 Protein breakfast for dinner gains

07:17 Matcha tahini drizzleSAUCE

10:27 TAX season #SkincareRoutine

14:15 Nails tips w #ZOYA x #OPI

16:53 Discussing the "remodel" w CHEWY


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