A Complete Guide To Olaplex. What to make of all the hype?

I have been getting in-salon Olaplex treatments since Olaplex first entered salons, and even though I've always taken extremely good care of my hair, it absolutely changed my hair life!
When Olaplex finally released their consumer product line, I was all in! And I've used the entire Olaplex line regularly since then!

Today I will be review the entire brand line, and talking about my favorite products; how to use them, and what they really do for your hair! This video has been in the works for a while, but it is especially relevant now with all of the misinformation surrounding Olaplex.
Because Olaplex is at the cutting edge of hair science, they have to take their time developing their products. Olaplex is NOT a protein treatment! It is a first in its class Bond Builder. Olaplex products all rely on the brands proprietary BIS-Amino complexes to deliver powerful bonding benefits without risking damage.

So what to make of all of the Olaplex hype?
Depends on what you're hearing about Olaplex.
I personally have had nothing but wonderful experiences with the products!
And I can not hype them UP enough!

I've linked all of the Olaplex products and hair products I reviewed in the video below! Swipe away!😍Join my channel to get access to perks

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